Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scene of the Day

~~Photo Series: Victory Day, May 9th, 2010, Kiev~~

A scene similar to this was repeated thousands of times May 9th. A woman, a man, a teenager, a child, would approach a veteran, wish them a good holiday, say thank you, and give them flowers.

As an American living in Kiev, when I first encountered this, is seemed a bit strange, to say the least. But there is nothing the least bit forced or phony about this. While those who fought that terrible war are passing on, the memories of WWII have not been allowed to die here.

Now, this veteran is obviously not of WWII. Any veteran who was 20 years old when the war ended would now be 85. But that does not matter. Peace has been maintained, and all veterans have played a role.

Oh, and the photographer. There were thousands of scenes captured Sunday just like this one.

Scene of the Day

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