Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial to the Unknown Soldier

~~Photo Series: Victory Day, May 9th, 2010, Kiev~~

The Memorial to the Unknown Soldier at Park Slavy (Glory), Kiev, is the central focus of attention for Victory Day. It is here where the most flowers are left, in stacks over 4 ft, 1.5m high. This high point also has a commanding view of the Dnieper River and the Left Bank of the city.

This park has long been dedicated to the memory of those who fought in World War II, the Great Patriotic War. However, a recently departed administration had used a part of the park for a monument unrelated to the war, which may be part of the reason for a new war monument in the park this year. More on that in a future posting.

I walked around a good part of the day with my Sigma 10-20 mm lens. This certainly was not the obvious choice of lens, but I think it worked out well. This picture would not have been possible with a less wide lens. The problem with this lens is that in order to get good people portraits, you either need to get real close, or you need to take the picture from a discrete distance and crop like mad later.

Memorial to the Unknown Soldier

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