Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

There’s definitely a bit of a story and some work behind this one.

Last week we had a spell of very cold weather, along with some fog, which left an icy coating on the trees (among other things).  One afternoon it seemed like we were in for some sun, a rare thing in Kiev in December, so I dropped everything and went to “the Lavra” as it’s often referred to in these parts. Sadly, the sun was just a tease and quickly departed for the day, leaving me with a dark, gray, foggy day.  What’s a photographer to do?  Just take some shots and hope processing can correct some of the inherent flaws that come with that type of weather.


I ran this photo through my “Break the Rules” HDR process, but that did little to make any difference. Bought it into Photoshop and did a curves adjustment, which finally pulled the architecture out of the fog in which it was hiding. Put it through Perfect Effects software, which bought out some more detail and did some tone and color corrections.  But I wanted to do more.  I next ran this through Topaz Impression, which definitely rates as my favorite new software of the year.  I turned it into a black and white sketch, then using blending modes, mixed the B&W sketch effect with the original photo.  The outcome is what you see here.

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