Monday, August 19, 2013

At Pokrovsky Women's Monastery

Adventures in Photography

I first discovered this set of buildings after a visit to the US Embassy in Kiev.  Or rather, the consulate building.  After taking some photos and walking back past the consulate building, I was stopped for the first and only time while taking photos in Ukraine.  It's difficult, though certainly possible, to get stopped by Ukrainian police for taking photos of buildings or installations in Ukraine, but private security will stop you if you have an exposed camera in proximity to a US government location.  Gee, haven't they ever heard of cell phones with cameras?  I guess my camera looked liked it could do more damage, however that's defined!  

Today's Photo - At Pokrovsky Women's Monastery

It took a bit of walking around to get this photo, and a bit of cropping to get the outcome I liked!

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