Wednesday, August 15, 2012

St. Andrew's and Andrew's Descent

I'm working on some new photos to add soon, but for the time being, here are some favorites from the past.  There will be more new stuff coming soon, I promise!

The quest for this "difficult" photo.

I thought I have seen St. Andrews from all possible angles, especially those involved with standing on the ground.  Yet, one day I saw a photo with many similarities to this one, and thus began my quest.  There did not seem to be any building or balcony, even if it was open to the public, that would give this view.  And I was very sure it was not taken from an aircraft of any sort too.  In addition, buildings look very different at ground level than they do from on high, so I was having trouble just identifying other buildings.

Later I saw a similar photo with a second building I could identify.  Locally it's known as the Castle of Richard the Lion-hearted.  (It's not shown in this photo).  Now I could identify the general direction that someone had pointed their camera.  Next time here, I found a set of steps going up a hill, an old set of wooden steps with about 5% of them broken in half and another 20% soon to break through.  But no luck.  The photo was not taken from here.  I did see another set of steps on the other side of the street, but for some reason I did not believe these would lead anywhere useful.  And it didn't seem nearly high enough to get a similar photo.

But back to Google Earth, and lining up the two buildings I decided that those second set of steps just might lead me to my quest.  I went back a week later and climbed those steps and got this view, and a few more equally as awesome.

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