Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Post Office, (Town of) Chernobyl

C H E R N O B Y L – 2 0 1 2

The town of Chernobyl is where current administration of the activities of the exclusion zone occur. (except those at the power plant and those related to the construction of the new containment shelter).

The town of Chernobyl was established in 1193 (or there abouts) and early in the 1980's had a population of 13,700.  The current population is 500.  And even those are not full-time residents.  Most people living in the town of Chernobyl are governed by the 15/15 rule.  You can work and reside in the town for 15 days, then you must take 15 days off, which must be done outside the exclusion zone.

The Post Office is open and does things that you would expect a Post Office to do.  The sign in the window also advertises telephone and telegraph services, but performs neither of those these days.

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