Friday, December 30, 2011

Best of the Year, 2011 (9 of 11)

Top 11 Photos of 2011

Here Comes the (K)nights (HDR) ~ Park Kievan Rus, near Zastuhna, Ukraine.

Park Kievan Rus

This is a grand project. No one dared to reproduce ancient Kiev, the capital of the biggest country of medieval Europe, till construction of “Kievan Rus” Park was started to the South of Ukrainian capital. The Park is supposed to reproduce the city in the way it looked in the period of its golden age. Celebrations, knight tournaments, historic reconstructions, master – classes and tasting are conducted in the park almost all year round. We invite you to visit this remarkable place and feel as if you were in the bygone epoch.

The project impresses by its range. The organizers set themselves the task to reproduce Detinets, the oldest part of Kiev, on a scale of 1:1 with maximum historic authenticity. And not just to reproduce, but saturate this territory with atmosphere of Kievan Rus. Total area of the park “Kievan Rus” is 50 hectares. The territory of Detinets is 10 hectares.

Construction works are still being carried out here. Such scale demands time. But even what the park has now is worth great interest. “Kievan Rus” is the first historic park on the territory of The CIS. There are tens of such parks in Europe, North America, Egypt, in some countries of Asia. For us “Kievan Rus” Park is the first one. And it’s worth coming here, to the picturesque Obukhov land.

Park Kievan Rus

I'll be uploading my top 11 photos of 2011 during the duration of this week. My top 11 photos are based on when the current version was created, even if the photo itself was taken before 2011. They are presented in no particular order.

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