Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Kiev Lenin

"The" Kiev Lenin

In the not too distant past, there were quite a few Lenin statues here in Kiev. There are still numerous ones in many places around Ukraine.

As of a few years ago, I had read that there were still around 15-20 in Kiev, but that all except this one apparently had been designated to be removed. Whether all or indeed any of them were removed, I don't know.

I sometimes contemplate going around to find as many of these Lenin statues as possible. But since many were apparently on the grounds of guarded industrial sites, my limited Russian and even more limited Ukrainian language skills are not likely to be all that persuasive to obtain permission. And likely my wife would take a pass on this "opportunity" too.

I refer to this one as "The" Kiev Lenin, since it's likely the most controversial Lenin standing in Kiev, and indeed in all of Ukraine. Many vilify the man as the root of all problems in the modern Ukrainian nation, while just as many honor him as a symbol of all that was right with the USSR. But mostly these days, he's just plain ignored.

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