Monday, October 17, 2011

Statue of Jelena Zrinska and Frances II Rakoczi

Jelena Zrinska (mother) and Frances II Rakoczi (son).

Seen at Palanok Castle, Mukachevo, Ukraine

Francis II Rákóczi (Hungarian: II. Rákóczi Ferenc, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈraːkoːtsi ˈfɛrɛnts]; 27 March 1676 in Borsi, Royal Hungary – 8 April 1735 in Tekirdağ, Ottoman Empire) Hungarian aristocrat,[1] he was the leader of the Hungarian uprising against the Habsburgs in 1703-11 as the prince (fejedelem) of the Estates Confederated for Liberty of the Kingdom of Hungary. He was also Prince of Transylvania, an Imperial Prince, and a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Today he is considered a national hero in Hungary.

Francis II Rákóczi

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