Saturday, July 23, 2011

All Clouds Lead to Mt. Tahtali (HDR)

•  The Saturday Archive Series

It was quite a technical challenge putting this together, even before I got to the HDR part.

This set of photos, seven in all, were taken in a kayak off the Antalya coast of Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea. Back on land, these seven photos were aligned and stitched into a panorama using Hugin. (It was only then that I noticed the cloud formation seen in the final photo). The uneven edges were trimmed in Lightroom. Created virtual copies at 0EV, -1EV, +1EV. Created the HDR in Photomatix, then added final touches in Topaz Adjust. Whew!

Taken during a family vacation at Simena Sun Club,  Kemer Turkey.

Have a Great Weekend, all!

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