Saturday, June 25, 2011

Emerald Lake, NWT Canada

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If you really want to travel the "Roads Less Traveled," try this place. Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada. It is so "less traveled" that there are no roads entering or exiting the park, and no roads within the park either. As a "Let's get away from it all" destination, it can't be beat. By law, yearly visitors are limited to 1500, and in most years, it's only half that.

And boy, is it a task to get to this place. Living in New Jersey, USA at the time, I had to take flights from Newark NJ to Toronto, Toronto to Edmonton, Edmonton to Yellowknife NWT Canada, and Yellowknife to Fort Simpson, NWT Canada, just to meet the fellow travelers for my trek. Then we had to take another flight from Fort Simpson into the park, well, because there are no roads you can take to get there.

Once in the park, the mode of transportation for most people is by river. By canoe…or by raft. Depending on where your plane dropped you off, you might be traveling this way for one week, or two weeks, or three weeks. Traveling by boat by day, sleeping in a tent under the stars at night. Experiencing something you've never really experienced before. Life before technology. Life without TV, indoor plumbing, telephones, engines, shopping malls. You, your new friends, your guides, and yes, your inner self for company. Enjoy.

You can do this. And you'll emerge better at the other end, two weeks from now.

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