Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The House on the Hill (HDR)

Although there is still snow on the ground here, it looks like there will be a nice temperature jump later this week to help move this winter to history. And none too soon!

Well, back to the photo.

Pretty simple picture, yes? Really, almost plain. Yet, there's something about this picture that made it stand out for me before I applied any processing at all. When this occurs, I generally jump into the Develop module in Lightroom and apply the crop overlays and see if one of the standard layouts apply.

So maybe it's the "Rule of thirds?" Nope not that. Or the Golden Ratio, Diagonal Lines, or Triangles? No again. But ah, there it is. The placement of the house fits the Golden Spiral well. So, what is this Golden Spiral?

Well, I won't go into that too deeply, since there's a lot of mathematics behind, math that I couldn't begin to understand. But apparently this math is seen in nature in things like the arrangement of leaves on a stem, and an uncurling fern. In man-made objects, it's seen in things such as the Parthenon and the Mona Lisa.

Fascinating stuff, even if you don't understand the math!

The Golden Ratio

The Fibonacci Number

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