Friday, February 18, 2011

Heroes on the Home Front (HDR)

New Website Feature: Translation.

Yesterday I added a new feature to the website. Translation by Google. See the word [translate]? Click that and you will see a list of languages that you can translate this website to. Of course, if you're reading this in English already, you may not need this feature. But it will be handy for some people, I'm sure!

And since it's a translation by a computer, it's not always going to be 100% accurate!

Heroes on the Home Front.

These statues have been a difficult quest for me. And I'm still not 100% happy with this.

These statues are in an outdoor mostly enclosed corridor, with open air openings at each end, and several open shafts going up. These statues come out dull and uninteresting in any kind of sunlight, and with shafts of light coming from above, you often get an impossible mix of shadows and sunlight. So, they must be photographed on an overcast day. But the combination of a mostly enclosed corridor and gray skies lead to challenging low-light conditions.

My intention was to go elsewhere this day, so I did not have my tripod handy. But for all the difficulties encountered, this actually turned out fairly well. This is a HDR, and a four image panorama, with a bit of Topaz Adjust added.

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