Friday, August 6, 2010

Venice Beach, Kiev (HDR)

This is a beach at Kiev's Hydropark. Although it looks like I took it from a tall building, it was taken from the Venetian Bridge connecting two islands in the park. The 20mm setting on the lens just makes it look like I'm much further away.

~~ Have a great weekend everybody! ~~

~~ Processing Notes: ~~

HDR made from three versions of a single original photo.

1. Photo 1 = -1EV, Photo 2 = 0EV, Photo 3 = +1EV
2. Export the three copies to Photomatix. Select "Create HDR." Use the settings selected by the program.
3. Import to Photoshop. Select all regions of the photo, except the sky.
4. In Photoshop, Filter > Topaz Adjust > Detail - Simple Pop (preset). OK
5. Back in Photoshop, Edit > Select Inverse. (In other words, now select only the sky).
6. In Photoshop, Filter > Topaz Adjust > Detail - Simple Pop (preset). OK
7. In Photoshop, Edit > Fade Topaz Adjust. Set slider to 50%. This fades the effect on the sky only! Save back to Lightroom.
8. In Lightroom, saturate blue +50.

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