Wednesday, March 4, 2020

MattCreate - Where I'm going...

Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash

After many months of little or no activity, MattCreate is coming back to life! However, the site will have a wider focus than before.

Not only will the site feature my photography and photo art, I will also be posting some writing and cartooning.  In the past, I probably would've put my different types of work on different sites. But I've been thinking lately that it's a better idea if I keep all of my various types of work all in one place.

I know my new direction may not be of interest to all, and some will unfollow me. I do understand. I will miss you, but wish you a fond farewell. I do however hope to see some new followers start to trickle in, and I sincerely welcome you.

Start to look for my new work soon!  

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